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ACY High Quality Yacht Refits
High Quality Yacht Refits

High Quality Yacht Refits

Do you need alterations to your vessel’s structure, a major fit-out or an interior refresh?

Are you worried about time and budget blowouts or confused about where to start?

Some boat owners may need help to communicate with naval architects or boat builders or need specialised guidance to complete fit-outs of their yacht.

With many year’s experience, Mark McGill can provide expert help, consulting on design, managing your project and arranging a skilled team to complete the work.

The easiest way to modernise and personalise your yacht is to tackle the soft goods in the interior. You can create interest by adding colour with new upholstery, rugs, window treatments, bedding, art and accessories, and you can do so with minimum expense and work. Those things will make a big visual difference.

We also have the skills to change the hardware on the cabinets and the lighting. These modifications can make a huge difference and make it look like a whole new yacht.

Changing the exterior furniture needs a focus on durable and hard-wearing materials. Everything wears down eventually and a solid upgrade will add value to your yacht and keep it working well for longer.

Your redesign can also look at ways to make the yacht more comfortable for passengers – think of your favourite sofa rather than bench seat on a train.

Interior and Exterior Furniture

Interior And Exterior Furniture

ACY Interior and Exterior Furniture
ACY Custom Redesign
Custom Redesign

Custom Redesign

Most yachts are manufactured with a neutral palette so they appeal to the widest possible range of buyers. Simple, light tones will make a boat look light and open. However, this can look too low key. Or you may have a yacht that had a previous owner and their fit-out may be looking tired or not be to you taste.

How you are going to use the yacht will also help the designer: a few friends or some charters? Older group or lots of children? small crew or many comings and goings? The design should look good but also function well and be fit for purpose.

Spending time with Mark and the extended team of All Coast Yacht Interiors will help you get the best result.

Please feel free to call or have Mark come and see your vessel or plans. With his years of experience, he should be able to save you a lot of time, headaches and expenses.

Mark McGill has a life-long career in designing and building interiors for boats and keeping boat owners and boat builders impressed with his forward thinking and innovative ideas. He relies on his experience to ensure a smooth running project from start to finish.

Mark understands the intricacies of boat design. He designs and creates spaces that will be both beautiful and practical and will withstand the test of time. He will listen to you. He addresses needs and design preferences when creating your Project plan.

The Gold Coast has a solid source of qualified tradespeople to handle any job your fit-out needs. If required, All Coast Yacht Interiors have long-term relationships with an extended team of skilled, qualified trades. Mark will be able to manage your project for you completely and organise other trades people such as Upholsterers, Electricians, Plumbers to deliver the result you want.

Consultancy and Project Management

Consultancy and Project Management

Project Management

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